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Hotel “Pahuljica” is enriched with hotel’s wellness program for relaxation and recreation, giving it a relaxing dimension.

Bearing in mind modern man’s way of life, inevitable stress and lack of free time, hotel “Pahuljica” delightfully and proudly presents its Body&Soul centre, with its main goal of satisfying and relaxing guest body and soul.

Having in mind everyday’s life, we consider visiting wellness centre as a special and pleasurable experience, something that will embellish your hours and days, and nothing less mustn’t be accepted.

Body&Soul centre is an oasis of peace, relaxation and enjoyment. Magic of scent, music and light will bring Your body and soul to harmony and take You to a place free of stress and worries.

In hotel “Pahuljica”, fitness, pool and varieties of massages will bring smile back to Your face.

Our Body&Sould team using eastern and western traditional methods will help You establish emotional balance.

Our wellness centre is a contrast to everyday’s life full of stress. One’s beauty and health should always be on the top of one’s list of priorities who truly nurtures his/her own body and soul.

Chocolate Magic

Who hasn’t, as a kid, dreamed about visiting chocolate factory and plunging in warm, nice chocolate?! Our dreams our now coming true. We all want to get away from stress and give ourselves up all the benefits of warm chocolate treatment. You can say this massage is one of the most sensitive and most gentle one there, representing full immersion in physical and mental nirvana. It is very effective against stress and bad mood, and also helpful for diabetics, pregnant, passive one’s and for those on diets. Enriched with vitamin A, mineral salts and tannin represents a great treatment for face and body, suitable for women and men.

Hot stone massage

Pleasant massage with hot volcanic rocks relaxes painful muscles, and scented essential oils nourish and nurture Your skin. This unforgettable experience starts with a full body massage using essential oils, with drainage and stimulant effects, followed with manual massage.

Seaweed massage

Is one of the most beneficial ways of accomplishing and keeping good health and mood, stimulating bloodstream and, that way, allowing better tissue oxidation. Relax your muscles, give yourself better digestion and have your waste excretion accelerated, while reducing the stress level and healing your nervous system and reward your body with aroma-therapy removing emotional blockades.

Massage 24k gold

Gold (lat. aurum) is a precious metal symbolizing the Sun. For its rarity, shine and long-lastingness it has been always valued as a symbol of power, wealth and beauty. In the ancient cultures it was considered the God’s gift and was used by Pharaohs, Mayans and Inks. Cleopatra slept with a golden mask which was considered a secret for queen’s immaculate skin. In ancient Rome gold was used to cure various skin diseases. The queen of Chin dynasty used a golden roll for a facial massage on a daily basis.

The charge of gold boosts life energy. It is proven that it helps skin to look younger smoothing away lines and ironing wrinkles.  It also improves skin tonus. The skin treated with gold becomes visibly smoother and shinier.

Foot massage

Therapeutic concept of reflexive massage is developed by Hanne Marquart and is based on reflexive areas on our feet, know for thousand years now.

Massaging certain reflexive zones, one can affect inner organs and body parts. This type of a massage is especially recommended during weight loss treatments, because of regenerating and purifying. We are applying this massage firstly for removing stress and preventing diseases.

Rules of behavior in the wellness zone:

Dear Guests, please have in mind and respect the rules of wellness zone in hotel „Pahuljica“.


  • One is obliged to take a shower before using the pool.
  • One is obliged to wear a swimming cap while using the pool (Caps can be bought in the shop by the reception).
  • One is obliged to wear appropriate footwear (Slippers can be bought in the shop by the reception).
  • Please, do not bring valuable assets and money in the wellness zone (Hotel’s management is not responsible for the lost items).
  • Please, do not bring towels from Your room to the pool (You will find towels in the wellness zone)


  • One is obliged to take a shower before using the sauna.
  • Do not enter the sauna with jewelry.
  • Use water only to wet the stones on the furnace.
  • In case of flu or any other disease, do not use the sauna.
  • Use sauna only without clothes (hygienic reasons – clothes in high temperatures represent bacterial source).
  • Do not leave used towels in the sauna.


  • Before having a massage, one is obliged to wash his/her whole body and remove all the jewelry.

Thank you.

Body&Soul Team