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Vlasic cheese, after which Vlasic is most famous, is one of the best white cheese inbrine / whey. The assumption is that the technique of making cheese in brine in this country was brought by nomadic herders from the East who have called themselves Vlachs. Hence the name became Vlasic. This tradition later took farmers from the surrounding mountains and are using it today, and so Vlasic cheese products became famous throughout the country and the wider region.

Cheese is originally produced from unpasteurized, fresh sheep milk immediately after milking. They are mostly on the mountain huts in Cheese (summer pastures) and are usually kept on the mountain to mature for 2-3 months. The villagers from Vlasic brought it down mainly in Travnik, and that is where it is sold, and is therefore also called the Travnik cheese. However, Vlasic cheese is made from cow’s milk for those who find a flavor of sheep milk too strong. The cheese is traditionally cut into slices and packed.